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About Dancing

I love dancing. For me it´s the perfect thing to switch off the everyday life, fade out everything and just focus on the moment of what´s happening. I love to combine my body and moving to the beat of music. But beside others I don´t jump into a different role – it´s always me like I keep it always in my life. I expect others to be real but I can only expect that when I am it as well.

I do not care about stinging the others in my group or being better than them, just trying to give everything and being myself.
Shortly before a performance, you often reach your physical limits due to the almost daily training, you are about to give up.
But when you stand on stage and dance, it’s just an incredible feeling.
And that’s exactly why I dance.

About Hiking

As some of you know I am hiking a lot. Ok it really really sounds boring at the first stage but this is for me the ultimate thing to get a gap for some things but also to reset my mind completely and sometimes it helps to get a different view on things. I really like to get up early and just walk within the nature. Especially in the morning when it was wet the days before: this specific smell. I can´t get enough of that.

About Fitness

Fitness is for me more as just a lifestyle trend everyone is hunting for. It´s been a part of my family as my parents used to workout a lot back in the days and they where taking me to gym pretty early. So for me it is a normal thing to lift weights and to do a lot of cardio each week. Also beside working as a erotic model it´s my main job to work as a personal trainer. And for that you always should be a positive example of course. Even if I am really looking for to go to gym it is a art of my daily routine. But I am not that much into body building. I love my well well proportioned body and I am in line with myself 🙂

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